This is the official online store of the character "RACCOS" by Takadabeer.


Between the universe and the earth
Between space and the earth, there is a place called RACCOS Land.
This island is a place where time and space are distorted.

It seems that time and space are distorted on this island...?
A volcano about to erupt, mysterious stone statues, and mysterious puddles...

Mysterious things, fun things, outrageous things.
Surprise, surprise, surprise, etc.
A lot of "unlikely and not-so-likely" things will happen.

Watching the life of "Korako" and her friends who don't care about anything
You may feel a little more at ease...?


About Takadabeia
Born in 1994, Takadabe's work includes LINE stamps, animation, and illustration.
She is a member of the content studio CHOCOLATE Inc.